About my London Photography Project
Tube mapper is a London photography by me, Luke Agbaimoni. This website showcases the visual memories I capture as I travel across the city.
As Londoners or tourists in our great city, we all have experiences that are linked to our journeys using London Transport. This photography project shares some of the sites, stations, trains, buses and landmarks that we may encounter when traveling on and beyond the London Underground.

BBC News interviews me about Tube Mapper

About Luke Agbaimoni
Hello I’m Luke Agbaimoni, a photographer and designer based in London England. I have an arts background with a degree in graphic design. My photography however was self-taught after I graduated. Over the last decade I have enjoyed capturing events, weddings and completing custom projects for clients. I have a special love for dusk and night photography, enjoying the technical challenge of capturing low light images. My award winning photography ranges from landscapes to portraits.

How to use the website
The best way to navigate the website is by tube line. There are also more options under the ‘transport’ menu including an option to view all stations captured so far.

Get in Touch
Please feel free to get in touch to enquire, comment and request photography. Also if you want to share some of your own amazing London locations that I have yet to encounter you can use the contact page to send me a message.